Thursday, May 12, 2011

Joshua's Rhyming Couplet

A couple of weeks ago you got a taste of Joshua's story-telling abilities from the chat I shared.

Today you get to see his poetic side.

Joshua's language arts class just finished a poetry unit, and I completely enjoyed seeing him excited about school work. Really. He loved writing poetry. As I read his poems, I understood why. It gave him an opportunity to express his humor in a creative way. I think he really liked the idea that he could be funny and get good grades for it.
Inside his folder is written, "Poems are fun to write."
He even wrote an additional poem for extra credit. My son did extra credit work. This is uh-mazing!
Final grade: 69/65. Yes, that would be an A+.
This mama is so proud! *grin*

So here you have it - a little dark humor in a rhyming couplet:

Wolves make very good rugs,
they can also be used for uggs.
They are not very nice,
they enjoy mauling mice.
They have no pity,
they will surely devour your kitty.
Without thinking twice,
they will slice and dice.
Most of the time,
you get caught on a dime.
And then it's too late.
They have already ate.

That's my boy! *wink*



Patricia/NYC said...

That is really good! Made me smile!
Great job, Joshua!

TheUnSoccerMom said...

Love it!!! Wonderful job!!

Irritable Mother said...

Some weird stuff going on with Blogger...
This post disappeared and I just re-published it. Comments which had been left on the original post were lost. Sorry 'bout that. But thanks for your kindnesses. I'm glad you enjoyed Joshua's poems. :o)