Friday, May 13, 2011

Lessons From the Edge

Age does not equal maturity.

Unfortunately, not all the lessons I learn at Edgewood are warm and fuzzy.
And this week I witnessed a couple scenes which felt more like cold and prickly.

Exhibit A: Talking with the Bingo crowd about cards. Some residents take the Bingo cards they like to their room - so they can use the same ones each time. Other residents don't think the cards should leave the activity room.
I tried to have a conversation with them about it Monday, and about 30 seconds into the 'conversation' I realized what a bad idea it was. *sigh*
They were bickering and complaining, and on the verge of insulting one another - over Bingo cards! For a minute I thought I was in a room full of junior high kids.

Exhibit B: Overheard comments on the bus. One of the ladies who lives at Edgewood has taken it upon herself to pull up just about every dandelion that dares appear in the yard.
Weeding keeps her busy.
She enjoys it.
Everyone on staff thinks it's a wonderful thing.
But a few of the residents have a different view. And I heard about it Wednesday when I was driving them to Walmart. One lady said to another, "Oh, look at her out there picking those dandelions!" "Yes. What does she think she's doing?" Pick a little, talk a little, pick a little, talk a little, cheep-cheep-cheep. (Does anyone else recognize that song from, The Music Man?)
When we were getting back from the store and she was still out there, the comments began again. And, once more, I found myself wondering if I had just become surrounded by junior high girls.

Indeed, I love the residents at Edgewood. However, this week some of them were displaying their not-so-pleasant side. And I was clearly reminded,
Age does not equal maturity.

Now I'm wondering what I can do - to make sure I don't fall into the same habits when I'm a senior citizen. *wink*



Kathy Brown said...

Too funny. I saw this lady as I left yesterday. All I could think of was how synergistic this activity is for her! She gets exercise, vitamin D, and the community benefits from her endeavour. What more could be asked for??

I hope you know who wasn't involved in the Bingo card issue. We did have a conversation about Bingo cards while I was there, and I was surprised at the claim being made...hmmm.....

Sometimes, it is hard when the filters wither away...

Blessings on you for being a huge light and encouragement in these situations!

Irritable Mother said...

Kathy - I agree. The weeding is a very good thing!
Regarding the Bingo cards - I talked with Laura, and then the Bingo players again. Hoping we've come to a resolution...
Yep. Withering filters make a difference!

Sara K. said...

Would it be inappropriate to lovingly throw the truth of Scripture out there? Something about being kind to one another? or believing the best in each other? or "do unto others"? Or even just asking them why it bothers them that she's picking the dandelions? Is it that they like looking at the happy yellow dandelions, or does it just make them feel 'bad' because they aren't working hard?

Interesting situation. I read somewhere recently that unhappy young people become unhappy elderly people. I would imagine that you won't have any trouble in this area, Karen! *wink* Practicing self-control with our tongues *now* will surely stay with us as we age, I hope!

Irritable Mother said...

Sara - I wish there was an effective way to address those folks. I've learned in several instances that sometimes it's just better to pretend I don't hear.
I think Kathy made a good point - it's difficult when the filters wither away. Kinda like little kids say what's on their mind because they haven't developed filters...