Friday, June 17, 2011

Lessons From the Edge

Only One Thing matters.

If you've read these Lessons From the Edge posts for any amount of time, you surely will remember C - one of my favorite residents. Once again, she is the one who was used to teach me a lesson this week.
I was interviewing her to be the next Resident of the Week, and had many questions to ask of her. Up to this point I had been aware C has memory problems, but it was in the context of our interview that her memory issues became undeniable. And it was in this context that the Lesson became clear.

C couldn't remember the name of the town in which she was born, though she was pretty sure it was in Michigan.
I asked about C's childhood - if she had any special memories of things she liked to do. She couldn't answer.
I have heard her husband's name before, and when I said, "Your husband was 'C', right?" she responded with, "If you say so!"
When I asked about her work history, C told me she helped in her friend's store sometimes during the holidays. But she couldn't remember anything else.

As we talked, my mind went to so many of the interactions we've had about upcoming activities when C has said, "How will I remember?" "When is it?" "What if I forget?" "Will you remind me about it?" I sort of let out a sad sigh, as I considered how difficult it must be to NOT remember so many things.

Finally, I asked my favorite interview question, "What makes you smile?" and C responded with a little tear in her eye, "My Savior loves me."
And that is when I learned this week's lesson.
C may not remember where she was born. She might have forgotten the details of her childhood and the things she did as an adult. Sometimes she doesn't even remember her husband's name.
But she knows God loves her.
And that's enough.
As I considered all the things we can know - all the things which can fill our memories - I realized only One Thing matters. And that One Thing is knowing the love of God!



TheUnSoccerMom said...


Thank you for the reminder. :o)

Irritable Mother said...

Jodi - You're welcome! :o)