Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thank You, Vyvanse!

So, Tuesday I wrote about one side of Joshua. And then I got his Trimester 3 report card in the mail. Today I have to brag on him.

First, a little background.

A couple of months ago, Joshua's problems at school came to a head. I got emails from his teachers about his inattentiveness and disruptive behavior in the classroom. He was getting sent to the office because of his behavior, and everyone was tired of it.
A year ago he was diagnosed with ADD and we tried medicine for a short while, but he didn't like it.We have talked and talked about Joshua's behavior. We've tried to help him come up with a plan to keep himself under control. But it OBVIOUSLY wasn't helping. After the latest string of events and complaints, we asked Joshua if he would be willing to try medicine once more.
And he said yes.
I think he realized he needed more help than, "I'll try."
I had weekly communication with Joshua's teachers regarding his behavior and progress, I got weekly reports about his grades, and of course I had Joshua's feedback ("Mom, I can pay attention!") - so I knew things were going well.
But it was getting that report card in my hand, and comparing it to his Trimester 2 report card which gave me hard evidence that he was doing better.

What do you think of this???

Trimester 2:
Math D+, inconsistent effort, seldom uses class time effectively
Science B-
Lang. Arts B-, need to improve effort
Soc. Stu. C+

Trimester 3:
Math B, shows desire to improve, is a pleasure to have in class
Science A
Lang. Arts B+, is a pleasure to have in class, improved participation and effort
Soc. Stu. B-, improved participation and effort

I don't think a pill is the answer to all our problems. And I certainly don't think this medicine excuses Joshua from responsibility to exercise self-control. But I have seen such a change in him. This medicine is doing for Joshua something he can't do, so that he can do what he can do.
His confidence has soared.
He actually enjoyed things in school. (Not everything, of course. *wink*)
He really seems to feel better about himself.
It's a wonderful thing to see, and I am so thankful.



TheUnSoccerMom said...

That is awesome!!! I know you are super proud of him. :o)

And you're right, the meds are allowing him to do what he CAN do. :o)

Patricia/NYC said...

Fantastic!!! Way to go, Joshua!!

Jean said...

My son is on the same medicine and it has helped him. I think sometimes they need the help. Glad to hear things are better!


Irritable Mother said...

Jodi - I sure am! He isn't a 'dumb' kid. He just needs the right help.

Patricia - I'll tell him you said so. :o)

Jean - Both of my sons take Vyvanse. It has made a world of difference here.

BASSakward Tales said...

I go through the same thing with my son. Not only does he have ADD he has dyslexia and dysgraphia. It has been a fight. But we have a wonderful resource teacher. His grades have improved so much! Medicine is not the answer to everything, but sometimes it is necessary.

gianna said...

yeehaw Joshua! (that kind of rhymes!)
I loved the idea that the meds are doing what Joshua can't do so that he can focus on what he CAN!

I love it!

Irritable Mother said...

Ginny - What is dysgraphia?
It is such blessing to come across people like your son's resource teacher who can really help. Glad to hear his grade have improved, too! :o)

Gianna - You're a poet! *wink*
I know medicines can be over-used, but the difference I've seen in Joshua convinces me it's something he really needs - not just a bandaid.