Friday, July 01, 2011

Lessons From the Edge

If you're old and charming, you can insult people and they'll think it's funny.

So, the other day I observed our maintenance guy (F) in the atrium with one of our oldest residents (D). F was introducing his younger brother to D, and D said, "He looks almost just like you. Except he hasn't eaten as well as you!"
F has a pretty good gut on him, and it was a'bouncing as they all laughed at D's observation.

In most cases, a person would take offense to the suggestion that they're over-weight. But in this case, everyone had a good laugh. And I'm convinced it's because...
If you're old and charming, you can insult people and they'll think it's funny.



Sarah said...

Isn't that kind of like what people say about being Southern? You can say anything about anyone, as long as you end it with "...bless his/her heart..."!

Irritable Mother said...

Sarah - You're absolutely right!
Thanks for the laugh this morning. :o)

TheUnSoccerMom said...

Exactly one of the reasons why I'm looking forward to growing older. haha! :o)

Amanda said...

Ha! I think you are on to something! :)

gianna said...

he he he he! That is so funny!
I agree with Jodi and Amanda!

Irritable Mother said...

Jodi - Several of the residents are old and charming...others are old and grumpy. I'm hoping to be charming when I grow older. *wink*

Amanda - I see it often enough to be pretty sure!

Gianna - Great minds think alike, right? ;o)

Kathy Brown said...

Hmmmm.... because you used the word "charming", I'm thinking it is probably not him. But if it is, I'd say he finally hit the right age because he did this all throughout his life, only it wasn't as "charming" then!!!

Irritable Mother said...

Kathy - You're right. I am not talking about your dad in this post. But not because he isn't charming. :)
This particular resident is actually 95 years old. There's just something about being that age - you can say anything!