Thursday, July 28, 2011

What's With the Boxes?

OK. Time for Mom to vent today.
I just need to know if I'm the only one with this issue.

Am I the only one whose children cannot seem to throw away empty boxes?

They leave empty cereal boxes on the table and counter.
I find empty snack boxes in the pantry.
The big box of pudding cups I get at Sam's club sits in the cupboard, surrounded by several little cardboard remnants which used to house four pudding cups each. (With the vanilla pudding cups cast aside. What's wrong with vanilla pudding???)
I've come across more than one empty band-aid box in the hallway closet.
And last week the box of margarine sticks I keep in the freezer turned up completely empty.

Seriously, kids! Is it so hard to flatten the empty box and put it in the recycling bin???

And since we're talking about it...Would you please take care of your socks and dishes and trash and pencils and shoes and Legos and towels and blankets and fishing gear, rather than leaving them lay around on the floor?
I'm just sayin'.




TheUnSoccerMom said...

haha! If we're talking about this, then I have TWO kids. Christen & Jon.

They are FOREVER leaving little reminders of them all over the house.


Anonymous said...

I am in the midst of spring/summer cleaning, hoping to complete as much I can before Aaron comes back from camp on Friday. And OHHHHHH ...can I so relate
:O{ Part of being a "MOMSIE". Just keep on pressing on ... :O}

Karen Hossink said...

Jodi - Little reminders of themselves...What a nice way to think of it. ;o)

Debby Ann - Yeah. I mopped the entire wood floor Monday night, just so it would stay clean for a whole week while the kids are at camp. LOL

Kar said...

Nope not alone - I call it the empty box syndrome and all 4 of my children are afflicted.

I like that idea of thinking of it as them leaving little reminders of themselves for me to find. I am thinking it would mean more if it didn't happen over and over and over.

Karen Hossink said...

Kar - "I am thinking it would mean more if it didn't happen over and over and over."
Exactly! If it was uncommon, a novel experience, it might even be precious. LOL

Patricia said...

Just this morning I found an empty water bottle in the fridge...I asked Kiara why she put it back in there if it was empty. Her response? "Oh, I was cooling off the bottle so when I fill it up the water will be cold"...sigh. 6 1/2 yr. old logic.

Sigh...I hear my friend...

Sarah said...

I am going to write that comment down, so that each time I pick up all the 'reminders' I will be reminded of them. :) Granted, Karen - my kiddos are a fair bit younger than yours... :-)

Karen Hossink said...

Patricia - At least she was thinking about it, and not simply being lazy. *count your blessings* LOL

Sarah - Sounds like a good plan. :o)

KarenW said...

What drives me crazy is finding 1/4 cup of cereal in the box because they'd rather leave a little than have to throw the box away. And dirty dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is empty . . . UGH!

Karen Hossink said...

LOL! Karen, that drives me nuts, too! But here's a solution, depending on the kind of cereal... Use the 1/4 cup to mix in with a cup of yogurt. Yummm!