Friday, July 15, 2011

Lessons From the Edge

Sometimes we ask too little.

At Edgewood, we have been eagerly anticipating this past Wednesday. We were taking our first trip of the summer to a local park for a picnic lunch, and everyone was excited about it.
When I put the sign-up sheet out and made the first announcement about the picnic, I chided the residents, "Your job is to pray for nice weather!" Of course, I was praying, too.
Well, Monday we had some terrible storms go through our area. Tuesday it was uncomfortably hot. And each day I was asking God to give us nice weather on Wednesday. (Of course, what I meant was, "Please, God, don't have it be rainy.") Really, all I wanted was "decent". I didn't want to have to cancel the picnic because it was raining. Anything this side of rain would have been fine with me.


On Wednesday we didn't have nice weather.
The temperature was in the mid 70's. While there were a few clouds in the sky, the sun shone beautifully. And there was a constant gentle breeze which made the air exceptionally comfortable.
God didn't simply give us nice weather.
He gave us a perfect day.

And as we joined hands to give thanks for our box lunches and the gorgeous weather, I realized, sometimes we ask too little.



Anonymous said...

Very true ... May God bless you with another "Perfect Day" :O}

Love you bunches my friend,
Debby Ann

Irritable Mother said...

Thanks, Debby Ann.
Love you, too!

livescore said...

Nice post