Thursday, September 08, 2011

Are We Having Fun Yet?

My apologies to any unmarried friends who may be reading here today. But this post really is intended for my married friends.
Do you remember when you were newly married?
Or when you were still dating?
Remember how everything was fun? and new? and exciting?
Several years of marriage, maybe a few kids, and a whole lot of familiarity can really change things, can't it?

Brian and I recently had a fun exchange, and today I want to encourage you to have fun, too.

I'm sure I've mentioned Brian's new job here before. It is really stressing him out. He works at work, and works at home - just trying to get all that learning into his head and out onto the computer.
The other night as I was saying goodnight to him and the kids - I walked over to where he was sitting with his computer on his lap, and saw that his phone was also there. So when I went to bed, I sent him a text.
"I'm going 2 bed n*ked. Thought u might want 2 know."
His reply? "I'll b right there!"
We were giggling like teenagers when Brian came into our room.
Imagine! Cutting out on work to be with your wife. And while the kids are still up. Scandalous!
It still makes me smile to think about our little rendezvous. Just having fun. Being spontaneous and playful. It's good!

I don't know what ideas are coming to your mind, but may I encourage you? Go with it!
And have fun. *wink*


TheUnSoccerMom said...

SO scandalous with the kids still awake!!! lol

Married couples need that time together, fun nights, fun times, just the two of them.

One thing that has scared me about Christen leaving for college is Jon and I figuring out our relationship again. Christen has ALWAYS been there. (we met when Christen was 3yrs old) Everything revolves around her. It's exciting to start this new chapter of our relationship, but scary too. I think I couple of fun nights are in order! :o)

OH! And RYC: I truly laughed out loud when I saw your comment! If you only knew how me and mud just don't mix! hahaha

Irritable Mother said...

Jodi - I've heard that same concern from other people whose kids are all about to be gone... But then you'll be able to play 'Home Alone' whenever you want to. *wink*

I'm glad you laughed. That's what I was hoping for. :o)