Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Order My Steps

Do you ever feel like life is more than you can handle? There's too much to do, and simply not enough of you to go around?

Silly questions. I know. *wink*

I was feeling that way last week.
I was getting ready for our big Grandparents' Day celebration at work and, as much as I love holidays, I was even more overwhelmed because I didn't go into work on Monday. Felt like I was a day behind on Tuesday, and wondered how I would get it all done.
Wednesday morning as I sat down to pray before going to work, I laid out my day before God and said, Father, You know everything I need to get done today. You know how overwhelmed I feel. You know I can't manage it all. So I'm asking You to order my steps. Order my steps, LORD, and please lead me through this day.

And can I tell you? That is exactly what He did.

I walked through that day amazed by God's hand in every circumstance. Delighted by how obvious He was making Himself. So very thankful that He truly was ordering my steps.

So, I'll ask it again. Do you ever feel like life is more than you can handle?
Remember none of it is too much for God. Trust Him to give you strength as you lay your life at His feet. And ask Him to order your steps.

How have you seen God order your steps?



Patricia/NYC said...

This post was very inspiring to me today...thanks, Karen!!

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

He has done that so many times for me. However, sometimes, I have to admit that He says to me, "Choose less." He knows when I have taken on too much and in those times, He says, "Choose less."

Irritable Mother said...

Patricia - You're quite welcome. :o)

Leah - Ah, yes. He has given me the grace to say NO more often. And has allowed me to see that it isn't 'bad' to say NO sometimes. Rather, it can be a very good thing!