Thursday, September 01, 2011

Cell Phone Prayers

"I'm in the van with Mom. So make sure it's appropriate."

So said Joshua last week, as we were driving along.

At first I giggled to myself, finding his comment quite humorous. Then I thought about it a little more and began to pray.
I prayed for my son's heart, asking God to capture it and shape it. Asking Him to bring Joshua to the day when the desire to do and say good things would come from his heart, rather than from his motivation to avoid a lecture from Mom.
I mean, for now I understand his motivation is external. He doesn't want to get into trouble, so he tries to do what is right. But as I listened to him on the phone with his sister that night, God was prompting me to pray for his heart. Reminding me I can trust Him to work in my son to complete the good work He's already started.

As their conversation ended and Joshua explained the reason for the call, (Elizabeth's friend was having boyfriend troubles, and they wanted to talk to Joshua to get a guy's perspective.) I was prompted to pray again. This time it was a prayer of thanksgiving. Thinking back to all the fights the two of them have had - and the moments I have wondered if they would EVER get along - I couldn't help but be glad for this picture of friendship.
It was a ray of hope for me.
A reminder that God works in the hearts of my children.
And since I was just praying about my son's heart, this was an appropriate encouragement for me.

Hmmmm. When Joshua made his list of 101 reasons why he should have a cell phone, he didn't include, "So you will be reminded to pray for me."Perhaps that inclusion would have gotten him a phone sooner. *wink*



Amanda said...

As always, I adore the way you can speak right to my heart! :) I needed a little reminder to be praying for my guys like that.

Irritable Mother said...

Amanda - Thank you. It's good to "see" you! :o)