Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Family Fun Night

What are you and your family doing for fun these days?
This winter, as a sponsor of American Idol, Coca-Cola is looking to spice up the colder months with the Coca-Cola Family Night initiative on MCR.com. At MCR.com/family, you can find exciting contests, instant wins, rewards, recipes and games—with many fun American Idol based activities for your family!
That sounded good to me, so this past weekend my family and I (and a few extra friends) put together our own version of American Idol. I received a prize pack from Coca-Cola worth over $100, consisting of:
• (1) Handheld Camcorder
• (1) American Idol – The Hits Volume 1 CD
• (1) Coca-Cola and Pringles coupon
We used the camcorder to record our show, and we had.a.blast! Seriously. I felt like I was pulling teeth to get participation at first, but when we got going? No one wanted to stop. We had more fun than I remember having in a very long time. *big smile*

What makes this whole thing fun for you - besides getting to watch our very cool show below - is that I have been given permission to offer to one of my readers the same prize pack I received! And I can't wait to hear about (Or SEE!) the FUN you and your family have with it.
Sooooooo, if you'd like to enter to win, first watch our video then leave a comment telling me 1)you'd like to be included in the drawing, and 2)how your family might use the camcorder on your next Family Fun Night. (Feel free to visit My Coke Rewards for ideas!) If you also wish to include rave comments about how fabulous the Hossink American Idol was, that would be fine with me. However, such comments will have no effect on your chances to win. *wink*

The prize was provided by Coca-Cola, but Coca-Cola is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this giveaway. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of Coca-Cola.
Entrants must be 18 or older and located in the US only. Winner to be chosen at random on Thursday, March 1 approximately 8:00 pm, EST.



Patricia/NYC said...

So CUTE!! Looks like you all had lots of fun making this video!

Would love to enter, however, my husband is in the music industry & works for the official record company that produces I*dol, so, sadly, we are not qualified to enter any contests associated with I*dol, even remotely :(

Would love to see what others do with it, though!! :)

Jodi@ underthegeorgiasun.com said...

Oh my gosh!! I really enjoyed that video!! Looks like y'all had a lot of fun!!

I'd love to be entered to win! I think having the camcorder would be awesome to document family game night and the fun we have when we do sit down and play. And that way, when I get to missing Christen in the fall, I can replay the recordings. ;o)

Geneva said...

Karen what a great idea! We have never seen American Idol because of the time it comes on while station here. (Yes, we are still in the Netherlands thanks to the Army, but we still have an APO and an American home address to get things sent on to us.) We would loved to be entered to win, if we qualify.

I can't wait to see what my two girls come up with. They are forever wanting to "put on a show." To have them be able to do more than one and then be able to watch it together with them afterwards .. to cool.

When Phil gets deployed again later this year, it will be a fun to have the girls send some funny videos of commentaries as well. I little bit of what goes on in their lives, messages and their performances. In the past we have sent pictures and Skyped, but I have never thought to send video... Your kids were great sports and I am glad they ended up loving it. What a blessing to watch this today! :-)

momteacherfriend said...

(Cheesy grin) My vote is for Bob.

I would love to be entered. If we win we would record our family doing fashion shows, talent searches, mock iCarly posts, and document family projects. Things we already do but are unable to document since we don't currently have a camera.

Who knows I may even start blogging again. Hope to hear from you soon.

Unknown said...

How fun! What a great idea! Aiden and Adelyn love to sing and dance and Aiden loves recording videos with my phone and watching himself. Thanks! Michelle

Jen Chaney said...

Too cute. I love your family. However I must say I was a bit disappointed that you did not come out from behind the camera. LOL
So with that being said my girls are at the perfect age to have a video camera in the house. They love to pretend play being everything from scooby doo, strawberry shortcake, princesses and more. I would love to get all of this on film. So if I were to win we would have a great opportunity to capture their young years on film.