Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's So Important?

Have you ever had something really important to say?
To us bloggers, that's an every day occassion, isn't it? *wink*

Do you remember that happening when you were a teen? When you wanted to have your mom and dad together to discuss your important thing? Because it was so important you couldn't bring yourself to talk about it twice?

I went through that scene recently with Elizabeth.
I was going to take her to the store, but she wanted to wait for Brian to get home before we left. She said she needed to talk with us about something, and she wanted to do it when we were together. Only, Brian was working late and I got tired of waiting. I was imagining how late we would be at the store and - not wanting to be out that long - I convinced Elizabeth she could wait on the conversation until we got home.

So we left for the mall and began our mission to find the perfect necklace for the Sadies Hawkins dance. Except, the whole time we were driving and chatting and shopping and walking and ... I was wondering, What's so important that you need to talk to Dad and I together?
My mind began to wander to places it probably shouldn't go, and I began to imagine several worst-possible-scenarios which I might be facing that evening. Could she be...? Is she going to tell us...? Am I about to find out...? But she didn't seem upset or stressed, and none of my fears were in line with her character and what I know of my girl. Nonetheless, I was eager to find out what was so important.
At last, we found the necklace and headed home.

Brian and I sat by each other as Elizabeth quickly went downstairs. She returned with a smile on her face and a pile of paper, and proceeded with her presentation. Elizabeth told us the measurements of each bedroom in the house - and pointed out that hers is the smallest. She shared the average square-foot of bedroom space per person in our household - and pointed out that her own square-footage is smaller.
The girl had charts and graphs and everything.
Then she hit us with her proposal. She said, "Since Anna is going to be moving into my room (We just had an exchange student move in with us!) I think I should be able to expand my room into the next room."

Well, let me tell ya. Besides the fact that I agreed with the need for the two of them to have more space, I was so relieved that her really important thing wasn't life-changing - I agreed in a heartbeat.

Oh, and I was totally impressed with her research and paperwork. *wink*

Have you ever been nervous to hear something important, only to find out it wasn't such a big deal after all?



mamajil said...

LOL!! I am smiling because I am thinking about all the times I've held my breathe and internally cringed waiting for the "news" and then hearing it and exhaling loudly totally relieved!!! Perspective is a funny thing...so is apprehension! Thanks for sharing!

Jodi@ underthegeorgiasun.com said...

I do believe your daughter has a great career ahead of her, whatever she chooses to do. That's some great research and dedication! ;o)

Edie said...

LOL! Whew!

I think she takes to heart the Scripture that says "Be prepared in season and out of season." :)

Irritable Mother said...

Jilma - Yes, with your numbers I imagine you've been through this scenario a time, or two. *wink*

Jodi - She is definitely thorough. And quite persuasive. haha

Edie - I pray she will take ALL scripture to heart.