Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Give Thanks

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Last week Elizabeth was fumbling around the kitchen, unable(?) to find something to pack for lunch. We had wheat bagels, but she only likes plain white ones. We had fixings for sandwiches, but she didn't want a sandwich. She opened the pantry door and closed it (hard), complaining, "We don't have any Ramen Noodles, either!"
At that moment, I looked up from my bowl of cereal and said, "Honey, we have quite a bit of food here. Maybe you ought to try being thankful for what we DO have, instead of being upset about what we DON'T have."
I looked back at my bowl and noticed the strawberries in it. And I thanked God for them. Just a few minutes earlier, I was disappointed because there were only two strawberries left in the container. But now I realized I needed to give thanks.
Then I thanked God for a house to live in, and breakfast to eat. For kids who are healthy enough to plod around the kitchen and complain about having 'nothing to eat', and for the full pantry and refrigerator which tell a different story. I thanked God for loving me and for being patient with me. And I was reminded, once again, what a powerful thing it is to give thanks.

In the act of thanksgiving, God transforms my heart and renews my outlook, and I realize how truly blessed I am.

Thank You, JESUS!



Patricia said...

AMEN to that, Karen! Isn't great how in the moment of Thanksgiving we are unable to feel any negative emotions? I've been trying very hard to CHOOSE to be thankful much more often rather than dwell on the negative! Slowly, but surely, my heart is changing! :)

Jodi@ said...

Christen does the same thing. But unfortunately, she gets it from me!! I need to be more thankful of what we have versus complain about what we don't have. Thank you for the reminder!!! :o)

Karen Hossink said...

Patricia - God knew what HE was doing when He wired us that way. :o)
Keep working on the CHOOSING.

Jodi - You're quite welcome. That's what friends are for!

The Laundress said...

It is difficult to give thanks when you are focused on what you are missing.

I am thankful for your reminder.


Karen Hossink said...

Janet - Yes, it is! Focus is big factor. BIG!

Leah Adams said...

There is no shortage of things in my life for which to be grateful...if only I will open my eyes and notice. Great post, Karen and thanks for the reminder.

Karen Hossink said...

Leah - I don't think any of us is experiencing a shortage in that arena...if only. And that's the key - opening our eyes!