Friday, May 31, 2013

Lessons From the Edge

Some people are impossible to please.

OK. I just need to vent for a minute.

So, there's this woman, V, at Edgewood - about whom I have never said, "She's my favorite." Because, well - she isn't.
Recently she was complaining to me because we weren't going to Walmart this month. (Low attendance on this trip the past few months, the distance between Walmart and Edgewood, and the fact that we make two trips to Meijer every week played into that decision...) She told me "everyone" was upset about not going - and pointed out that sometimes people like to go to Walmart just for an opportunity to "go" somewhere.
OK, V. I hear you. But the decision isn't mine, anyway. I just listened and smiled.

Fast-forward to last week.
I was in the dining room making announcements - which included an invitation to everyone to attend "coffee time" with me at a local restaurant later that afternoon. As I was putting the microphone away after announcements, I heard V say to one of the ladies at her table, "Why would we go out for a cup of coffee when we can have coffee right here?"
I bit my tongue and pretended I didn't hear her, but part of me wanted to march right over to her table and remind V of the complaining she did to me. I wanted to ask her how I could possibly please her. You're upset about not going to Walmart for an opportunity to "go" somewhere, but you don't want to go "out" for coffee (or dessert, or whatever else you might get...) because you can get coffee here? What gives???
Indeed, some people are impossible to please.

Even so, I realize I need to love on V. She is a difficult woman - often grumpy, and hard to please. That's just how she is. Yet, she is loved by God and I trust HE has put me at Edgewood for her, too. Father, give me the grace to love - even when it's hard.

Do you need grace to love a difficult "someone", too?



Leah @ Point Ministries said...

I bet that behind that grumpy veneer is a hurting heart. Those kinds of people are so hard to love on, but they probably are the ones who need it the most. Praying the Lord gives you an extra measure of Grace toward V.

Karen Hossink said...

Leah - Yes, I am sure of it - that her heart is a hurting one. She needs to be loved. Thanks for your prayer.