Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What Do Moms Need?

I had a great conversation with a few moms after I spoke at a MOPS meeting last Friday. And the things we talked about reminded me so much of the devotion I recorded for yesterday, I felt I needed to do a follow-up post to keep the conversation going.

In addition to time alone with God, we moms most certainly need time alone with one another. And by time "alone" with one another, I mean - time with one another sans kiddos.
We need time when we can just be women who share our hearts, our joys, AND our hurts so we know we are not alone in the things through which we're going.
We need to be able to be real with one another.
We need to listen and share, to support and encourage.
And no matter how good we all are at multi-tasking, this level of intimacy can really only be accomplished when we are able to get away with friends. Throwing kids into the mix - even if they're happily occupied in the other room - significantly impedes a mom's ability to be fully present with other women. Thus impeding her ability to share deeply and support whole-heartedly.

The problem - as I was hearing it Friday - is that, too often, moms just can't get away.
*We talked about the feelings of guilt they have over leaving hubby alone to do bedtime, or dinner, or any number of things he is perfectly capable of doing alone.
*We talked about too-busy schedules which prevent anyone from planning much of anything when it comes to getting together to just talk.
*We talked about not realizing how important it really is for moms to take off the mom-hat just long enough to get re-fueled.

So, if you fall into any one of the camps mentioned above: feeling guilty, being too busy, or not realizing the importance, may I implore you to hear me right now?
*For "feeling guilty" and "too busy", I hereby give you permission to let go of your feelings of obligation. Please consider yourself FREE to get away and be REAL with your friends.
*For "not realizing", I'm telling you now - it is important for you to have that time away, to deepen friendships and be encouraged. So often you feel like something isn't worthwhile if it doesn't directly benefit your family, I know. Trust me, friend, your time away will directly benefit your family. You will come back to them a better woman and a better mom.

Here's to a world full of better moms!



The Voogts said...

Thanks for the reminder!! It's hard when you have little ones to remember that there is more to you than just being a mom :)

Karen Hossink said...

Mary - Hard, yes. But necessary!
Praying God will give you the grace to be all HE has created you to be.
Love you, friend!

The Voogts said...

Thanks, Karen! Perfect words from God through you as always. Personal post coming (hopefully later today) that will address just that...being the person God created me to be.

Karen Hossink said...

Looking forward to reading that post, Mary. :)

Sara K. said...

Thank you, Karen... always need these reminders. I am "feel guilty" -- after all, Hubby has had a long day at work dealing with "the criminals" (as he puts it -- and no, he does not work in law enforcement!). But I really need to take into consideration how refreshed I am after spending time with friends, ready to face my reality with renewed perspective!

Karen Hossink said...

Sara - Yes, you do need to take that into consideration. And if you ever start wavering in your conviction, just contact me. I'll set you straight! *wink*