Thursday, May 30, 2013

Corrector for Eyes?

I was putting on my make-up the other day when I noticed something different on my tube of concealer. I recognized it as Spanish writing, and I chuckled as I "read" it.

corrector para ojos

It's been about 26 years since I've been in Spanish class, but I still remember "para ojos" means "for eyes". And I don't know about you, but to me "corrector" in Spanish looks an awful lot like "corrector" in English. And I wondered at the literal translation for those words, and the implication for my make-up.
Corrector for eyes? Is that what I'm doing when I put concealer on blemishes? Correcting your eyes? Now, I don't wear much make-up, but the thought of "correcting your eyes" made me feel a little vain. *blush*

And then I began thinking about the rest of the day. You know, those hours we spend out in the world after we have corrected what eyes will see on our faces? And I asked myself if I was applying corrector para ojos to anything besides my face.
When I go out, am I concealing the real me?
Am I correcting what other people see, so they believe what I want to portray?
These are hard questions for me, because my heart's desire is to be authentic - to be REAL. But it is so tempting to put on a mask and act like everything is always great.

The truth is, everything is NOT always great. My circumstances can get me down and discouraged. But God is always faithful. ALWAYS. And that is what I want people to see.
If I apply corrector para ojos to my life, I fear I will block the ability of others to see God's faithfulness in the midst of personal trials. And concealing God is something I NEVER want to do!
So I pray God will give me the grace to keep my corrector para ojos in my make-up bag.

How about you? Are you allowing God's faithfulness to show through your life?



Sara K. said...

What a great analogy! Love it! When it comes to concealer (or corrector para ojos), in the past I never really used it. I was pretty open about my struggles/failures. But this year we're in a new small group and I've felt a little shy about being so open with these ladies I don't know very well yet. Will they still like me if I'm REAL about my "junk?" God had to remind me that when we share the things we're struggling with, then sharing our victories (what God has done in our lives) is that much more glorious! When we decide to withhold our struggles, though, we sort of "rob" our friends the blessing of praying for us and seeing God work. (I mean, I consider it a blessing to be able to pray for a friend!) Plus, when we are open and honest about our lives, we realize we are not alone in our struggles. Fellowship is so good! (Sorry, didn't mean for my comment to get so long!)

Karen Hossink said...

Sara - I'm so glad you got long with your comment. You were on a good run! :)
Praying for you as you get REAL with your small group. All of you will be blessed.