Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Humbling Moment *re-post*

From March 20, 2012

I opened up the drawer to get come crackers and noticed an empty box.

I started grumling internally because I get so tired of my kids' inablity to take care of empty boxes. Honestly! How hard is it to pick up the box, flatten it, and put it in with the recycling? It takes less than 60 seconds. How can their lives be so busy that they can't do this simple little thing? Is it pure laziness? Out-right rebelliousness? Do they do it just because they know how much it annoys me? What gives???
Then I noticed the back of the box. It had a bunch of coupons on it for cereal. And that caught my interest. Because, really(!), have you noticed the price of cereal lately?
Suddenly, I was glad the box had been left for me to find.
A couple days later I used those coupons - in conjunction with a special happening at the grocery store - and I got five boxes of cereal for less than $2.00 per box. Oh, yeah!

Why was I irritated with my kids for leaving that box behind? I mean, I'm sure they were only trying to help me manage our food bill. Probably each one of them had picked that box up to put it in the recycling, but put it right back when they saw those coupons. Yeah. I'm sure that's it!

There we go. My slice of Humble Pie has been consumed. *wink*


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