Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Why Does This Have to be so Hard? *re-post*

From March 30, 2011

Have you ever asked that question?
About parenting?
About marriage?
About any other struggle you're facing?

I know I have!

My small group is currently watching and discussing a video series about marriage by Paul Tripp, and Sunday night we had a great discussion about this question.
In the video, Paul was talking about God using marriage as a means of sanctification. As part of the process of making us more Christ-like. He said God will bring us to the end of ourselves so we realize we need Him. So we will remember we cannot 'do this' on our own.
And in our discussion which followed the video we came to the agreement that if 'this' wasn't so hard, we would never come to the end of ourselves. If all our circumstances were easy and light, we might think we can handle life just fine on our own. We might forget our desperate need for the LORD of the universe. In our blissful enjoyment of the ease, we might miss God.

And that would be tragic.

Not to mention the fact that we would be shallow creatures, who would break at the first sign of struggle.

So, what is your agent of sanctification? What is the struggle God is using in your life to make you more like Jesus?
For me, it is clearly parenting. And I think He may be using the whole 'working outside the home' thing, too. Every day as I struggle with these issues I realize my desperate need for God's grace. I see Him softening my heart, and strengthening my resolve to follow Him. To mimic Him. To be more like Jesus.

And so HE brings me to a point where I can truly be thankful for the hard times. Because He is using them for my good.

Something to think about today!



Kaira said...

This was a real answer to a plea of mine several months ago when I didn't know why I had to deal with a particular burden. The answer sati clear and made so much sense : for my sanctification. It was a direct word from the Lord and I just understood in that moment it was true. Now again last week I found myself in a very difficult situation with my family (extended) and so angry and frustrated that again they let me down, hurt me, didn't appreciate me or care for my feelings, and I was mad. But, really, I was just hurt. And it took a while and several prayers being God to just help me get over it (again) before he spoke about it. It's hard, but it's for my sanctification. And so it is and I know it. Now I just have to figure out how to be Christ - like with healthy boundaries. Sigh.

Karen Hossink said...

Kaira - Ahhh, with healthy boundaries. Yes. Even Jesus slipped away by Himself when necessary!
As for the "figuring it out" part - it's too much for us to figure. But GOD knows our hearts and exactly what we need to be transformed. Our job is to surrender to Him and cooperate with the work of His Spirit.
Love you! ((hugs))