Wednesday, March 19, 2014

This Little Saying has Changed My Praying

Go ahead and read that statement again.

And again.

If you're anything like me, it will take a day or two for those words to really sink in. But it will be totally worth the wait!
Several years ago, God led me to become a thankful woman. I thank Him for things all the time. And He blesses my heart - He changes my perspective - when I give Him thanks.
It's a beautiful thing.
However, the day after I read the above statement God gave me a new perspective. I sat down to eat my breakfast and bowed my head to pray. I said something like, "Thank You, God, for Your love for me. Thank You for Your grace." And then I paused. I remembered that statement and I thought, What if I didn't have God's love today? What if I had to live without His grace and mercy? In my pause, I realized some of my prayers had become not much more than words. I have gotten so used to saying, "Thank You, God, for Your love for me," that I have forgotten to really be thankful.

I have spoken, but I have not pondered.

Until God spoke to me through that clever little saying on Facebook one day.
Oh, how thankful I am for His intervention in my praying. Because I am pausing more now. I am thinking about the rote things I used to only say. Yes. I am slowing down and HE is drawing me close.

Thank You, Father. Really.



Melissa Turner said...

It's so easy to be unintentional in our prayers/praise - especially in this country, when it's so easy to take God's goodness for granted. May we be truly, sincerely thankful!

Karen Hossink said...

Melissa - Amen.