Thursday, March 06, 2014

Pillow Talk

Last week Brian and I were laying in bed talking when I decided I was too tired to keep up the conversation. I said, "I'm going to roll over now and go to sleep. And...if you get the urge to rub my back, please go ahead and do it."
(Just trying to set my hubby up to make it look like this loving thing was all his idea. Totally selfless. Yep.)
And I rolled over.
And waited.

No response.

So I tried again. (very sweetly)"Even if you get the teeny tiniest little urge. Go ahead and just rub my back."

Annnnnnd, he did!

Yes, friends, you may steal my tactics idea.

You're welcome.



Kaira said...

Oh Karen,
This made me literally pee my pants!


Karen Hossink said...

Kaira, Kaira - That was funny. And mean. First I thought you really peed your pants. Because you said you literally did. And I tend to take people at their word.
Oh, did I ever let out a laugh! (But I didn't pee myself.)
Then I realized you were poking fun at me regarding my Word Snob post. And I just thought you're mean.
Love you!

Kaira said...

That was so funny that I'm literally laughing so hard I can't see or breathe.


Karen Hossink said...

But you can still type.
I am so impressed! ;)