Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Last Night in the Bathroom

Me: (looking in the mirror) Oh! Look at that!
(pointing to strand of hair) It's completely white, and curly!

Brian: (not impressed) You only have one?

Me: Oh, no. There are more.(pouting) But they aren't all curly like this one.

Brian: OK. Wanna know my woe for the day? I found three very dark hairs (pause for emphasis) growing on my ear.

Me: Oh. That's bad. (pause to let moment of sympathy take affect) But at least they weren't growing on your nose. That would be really bad.

Yes, Brian and I have deep conversations before bedtime. *wink*



Kaira said...

I have lots of white hairs, and they don't generally bother me. But, I found a very white hair growing... well... not on my head. I was horrified. I had to pluck it. I'm not ready for that!

Deborah Sommerlot said...

That's too funny!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha..My husband has hairs growing on his ears too. He has to continually cut them now. I don't know why "old people hairs" like to stand out!? Like yours is curly right? How is that possible, when you have natural straight hair right? Well I have one growing right on my hair line right above the middle of my forehead- Ha ha, front and center.Getting older is fun! :)***chera

Karen Hossink said...

Kaira - That LITERALLY made me laugh out loud.
And you know I don't use that word frivolously! *wink*

Deborah - Glad I could share a laugh with you. :)

Chera - Yes, my young hairs are straight. :) Fortunately for now, I can hide most of my old hair if I'm strategic. But I know that won't last forever. *sigh*