Thursday, April 24, 2014

Remember When

Brian and I and the boys sat around the table for quite a while after dinner Tuesday evening.
It all started with Joshua asking something like, "When we were little kids, did you ever just want to throw us away?" I'm not sure where that question came from, but it led to Brian and I confessing to moments of extreme frustration as parents of very little ones. And the acknowledgement that we've made it through.
Then we turned the tables on the boys and asked, "Is there anything you want to confess?"
In the conversation which followed, we learned that they had turned a hose on our neighbor and soaked her - because they thought she was mean.
Matthew admitted to jumping off his bike and letting it tumble to the side every time he approached a corner - because he didn't know how to stop.
And they really knew they were being too reckless with a particular game they played, but they enjoyed it so much it was worth the risk.

We continued our "Remember When" conversation by talking about how the kids used to fight over who got to sit on Mom and Dad's laps after dinner. Oh, I remember wanting to just get up from the table on those evenings and carry on with dishes, bedtime routines, etc. Now, I'm cherishing the memories.
We laughed as we recalled the kids' fascination with Pokemon cards, and how they "tricked" their teachers by saying they had to use the bathroom - when really they were meeting a friend in the restroom to trade cards. And I remembered thinking those cards were such a waste of money. Didn't realize then what a fond memory they would be years later.
And the ramp outside our old house. We remembered when the kids would ride a little red scooter down that ramp over and over again. I could almost hear the thump, thump, thump, thump, thump of the wheels rolling over the boards. Oh, was it ever noisy. Especially when coupled with the squeals of delight coming from the kids as they raced down that ramp. I remembered how frequently I wondered if the noise bothered our neighbors. I worried about the kids scuffing up their toes and knees. And I thought maybe I should put an end to the ramp-riding game.
Then it occurred to me, none of the neighbors ever complained about the noise. There was one incident of a severely scuffed toe, but it healed. And, honestly, at this moment I can't even remember which kid's toe it was! I'm so glad I didn't make them stop the fun they were having.

Moms of older kids, I know you understand where my heart is right now. Looking back on days gone by, and cherishing the memories.
And moms of still-little-ones, I promise you this: Although the days are long, and I know they're hard, you will make it through. I'm not gonna lie and say, "There'll come a time when you'll miss these days!" Cuz I remember - and there are lots of those days I am not missing.
But there are countless moments to treasure.
Enjoy every one of them!


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