Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Moms' Night Out

One of the benefits of being a Mommy Blogger is that sometimes you are given special opportunities. Because an entity wants you to promote their product/service/event/website/ blog/whatever.
And, quite honestly, most of the requests I receive for such promotions - I politely refuse.
I don't want you to come here and feel like you're watching a commercial, or reading an advertisement.
Because, what fun is that??? *wink*

But every once in a while, I receive an invitation which I don't refuse. Because it's something I'm pretty sure is going to be a good thing. For both of us!

Such was the case a couple of months ago when I received an invitation to see a pre-release screening of Moms' Night Out.
Because, really. Who doesn't want a moms' night out???
So, after weeks of waiting, last Thursday finally arrived and I traveled to Grand Rapids to see the show with my friend, Kaira.
OK. Being honest here. I was slightly nervous going in to watch the movie. Because I really wanted it to be good. But sometimes Christian films are a bit cheesy. I was also concerned that this film might portray dads as incompetent fools who can't manage the kids without mommy. And I didn't want to see that.
I wanted Moms' Night Out to be a fun, realistic, not-cheesy, feel-good flick - to which I would be happy to take any of my mom-friends, whether they are Christian, or not.
So, I was a little nervous going in.
Because I didn't want to be disappointed with what I saw.


I totally loved it!!!

The characters were very real. I could relate to the struggles they faced in motherhood. They were refreshingly honest. I often wanted to reach through the screen and hold their hand, to assure them they aren't alone.
Yet, at times I laughed so hard I thought I might wet myself.
And the incompetent-fool-dad-factor? Was nowhere to be found. *whew!*

Sooooooo, friends, here's the pitch: Moms' Night Out opens in theaters May 9. It would be a fabulous moms' night out event for you and your mom-friends. It would also be a great date. Or a family outing.
Hey, I'm confident those of you without children would enjoy it, too. It's that good.
I've provided the link above so you can easily find a theater near you which will be showing the film. Please go see it.
Let's show Hollywood this kind of entertainment is worth their time and effort!


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