Thursday, June 05, 2014

A Social Experiment

So, I'm not much of a scientist. But something intrigued me the other day, and I decided I wanted to conduct an experiment so I could understand the matter.

I was making dinner and washed my hands. I noticed that the soap dispenser was just about empty, and made a mental note to refill it soon.
Moments later, my oldest son entered the kitchen and gave the soap dispenser a couple firm presses - apparently freeing it of the remaining contents.
I wondered if he would refill the container, since he had just completely emptied it.
He didn't.
Shortly thereafter, my husband arrived home from work. As I was working on dinner, I noticed him standing at the kitchen sink repeatedly giving the soap dispenser firm presses. Such that it made that sucking sort of sound which lets you know, there ain't no more soap gonna come out of that container. But apparently he got enough, because my hubby turned on the water and rinsed whatever soap was his hands.
I held my proverbial breath, waiting to see if he would refill the container.
He didn't.

So, the soap dispenser in our kitchen needs to be refilled. And I could do it quite easily. The supply is right under the kitchen sink. (Or maybe it's in the boys' bathroom. Not sure. But it wouldn't be difficult to figure out.) Either way, I could do it. But I'm not going to.
Instead, I am going to keep track of how many times I observe family members (Who are equally capable of refilling said container.) try unsuccessfully - then forcefully - to obtain soap from the empty container. And I am going to make mental notes of how often they move on to other activities without refilling that empty container. (Which they are fully capable of doing.) In my efforts to understand why capable people neglect to do a simple job which would benefit themselves and others, I may even conduct some interviews to gather empirical data.
This should be interesting.
I wonder how long my little social experiment will last.
We're on Day Two right now...

***Breaking News***
The soap container has been refilled. Now I need to find out WHODUNIT!



Leah @ Point Ministries said...

I have been pondering the same kind of experiment with bed making. Greg works very hard at his job, and is willing to help with household chores as long as I ask or give him a list of things to do. Greg used to be good about making the bed on occasion, but seems to have forgotten how most of the time. I've complained to God about how he needs to pick up some of the household chore workload (without being asked), but God doesn't seem to be very understanding to my complaints. Over and over the Holy Spirit has said to me, "Leah, just serve your husband. Even when it seems he should pick up some of the workload, serve him." I think the Lord is trying to work into my heart more of a servant spirit!!

Karen Hossink said...

Leah - Oh, we've been there on the bed-making issue. In fact, one of my favorite blog posts was about that very thing:
What gets me on this one is the person who fills the soap container will directly benefit from their own actions. So, why won't they do it??? *wink*

Kaira said...

I want to know who filed it too! ;)

Karen Hossink said...

Kaira - It was Josh. No explanations yet...