Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How I'm Doing

"Sooooo, how are you doing?"

That seems to be the question most frequently asked of me lately. Everyone wants to know how I'm doing in regard to Elizabeth graduating from high school and preparing to go off to college. (In just two months and three days. *ahem*)
The truth is, I'm doing fine.
Yes, it's strange to think about her not being here all the time.
Yes, I'm going to miss her terribly!
Yes, I realize I *might* not have a full grasp on the reality of that which is about to take place in our lives.
But, the truth is, I'm doing fine.
Er, I just said that.

My daughter is growing up. She's becoming an adult. She's spreading her wings further, moving on with life, trying new things, and discovering the path God has for her to walk.
But she is still going to be my daughter.
I'm still going to be her mom.
I recall hearing people say when my children were young, "Enjoy them now. They grow up so fast!" And I had to wonder, Does that mean I can't enjoy them when they're grown up?
Because I have absolutely NO intention of discontinuing my enjoyment of my daughter now that she's an adult, and going off to college.

Our relationship is changing, not ending.

And I'm good with this development. This is how it's supposed to be. My little girl has been in my home for 18 years. She's grown into a beautiful woman of God, and I am fully confident that HE is going to do great things in and through her "out there" in the great big world. HIS world.

And, besides, now I'll have a great excuse to travel to Chicago for a little girl-time and retail therapy with my girl. *wink*


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