Thursday, June 19, 2014

When Will Dinner be Ready?

That question hasn't been so painful the past couple of weeks.

Because three nights a week, I haven't been the one who has to answer it!

My wonderful husband instituted a plan when school let out for the summer that each of the kids would be responsible for making dinner one night each week.
I'll help them pick out what they're making, and I get the groceries during my weekly shopping trip. I even am home to answer questions and provide necessary guidance as dinner is being prepared. BUT, I am not on my feet doing the work. (In fact, I *might* even be creating a blog post while dinner is being prepared.) And, I am loving it!
The kids are gaining valuable experience in the kitchen, they are proud of what they're doing, and I am getting a break at the end of long days a work. This.Is.Good.

OK. Honest moment here:
My first reaction to Brian's proposal was two-fold.
First, I thought, It'll never work. The kids will object and I'll spend all my time nagging and cajoling. Not looking forward to it!
And second, the control-freak in me started rearing her ugly head. I thought, But then, I won't have charge over dinner. I won't be in control. And that just doesn't feel right.

Thankfully, God got me past both of those objections and now we are all reaping the benefits.

I am sharing this story with you, not to make you jealous, but to encourage other control-freak-prone moms like me: Let it go! Give your kids a chance to do more of the work, to experience growing up, and to find joy in discovering what they can do. (Just don't go far, 'cuz they will need your help!)

Gotta go now. Josh says dinner is ready. *wink*


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