Thursday, February 05, 2015

Holy Disappointment

So, a couple days ago Matthew was sitting across the table from me, looking all thoughtful. And he said, "Hey, Mom, do you know what I think you and God have in common?"

OK. Interrupting the story here to give you a glimpse into my mind.

You have no idea how happy that question made me.
I mean, here was my son - thinking about God, and me! I have always tried to live a godly life before my children. I share with them the ways God encourages me, leads me, speaks to my heart. I seek to model a faithful life of prayer and trust. My heart's desire is to point my children to Christ.
And here was my son, telling me he believed I had something in common with God.
Oh, how my heart was smiling.
Did he see holiness in me? Maybe God's refining work in my life was becoming visible.
Or, perhaps he saw compassion in me. Was I reflecting the love of Jesus to him in a tangible way?
Was it faithfulness? patience? kindness?

What? Oh, what, dear son, do you see that God and I have in common?

I could barely contain my joy as I anticipated his observation.
Until he shared it.

Annnnnd, back to the story.

"Puzzles. You both like puzzles! You know, God created everything and scientists try to figure it out, so it's like a puzzle. And you like puzzles, too."
Puzzles, huh? I thought. The thing I have in common with God is puzzles. It isn't holiness, or compassion, or faithfulness, or... It's my love of puzzles.
I was hoping to hear something a bit more spiritual.

And then I realized I might be dealing with a pride issue. *ahem* *blush*



Kaira said...

I love you! That's awesome.

Karen Hossink said...

Kaira - I love you, too! :)

Sara K. said...

Funny! :)

Mommy's coffee break blog said...

ha ha, this is great Karen, thanks for the laugh. Your son totally has a point about the puzzles and God...great observation by him. You must be fantastic at solving puzzles!! ((hugs))
by the way thanks for being my mentor the last couple of years. I truly look up to you as a woman of great Faith.