Tuesday, July 14, 2015

"Live" From Cran-Hill Ranch

Did you attend summer camp when you were a kid?

And while you were at camp, did you participate in cabin clean-up?

Perhaps there was a friendly competition between cabins to see who could maintain the tidiest abode?

Well, that's the way they do it at Cran-Hill Ranch. Every day "Hektor the Inspector" travels to each cabin and awards up to 22 points based on the cleanliness (or lack there-of) which he finds. And while my boys were at camp last week, their cabin (Yes, a BOY cabin!) had a goal of scoring a perfect "22" every day. Unheard of for boys, you might say, but these guys were willing to do whatever it takes to be the Twice-reigning Champs. (They did it last year!)
Whatever it takes, including writing and recording a parody of Taylor Swift's "22".

Get ready for the boys of RC5...

Ode to Hektor the Inspector

You're in our room
We know what for
You're checking right when you walk through the door.

We just showed up
To clean up
Cleaning the way that we do for a 22.

Everyone else in the room can clean it
Everyone else but you.

Hektor you judge our room like nobody else
The way that you check our room gets us overwhelmed.
But when you look at the floor it's so hard to tell.

You don't know (oh,oh)
We're just a bunch of teenage boys.
If only you saw where we go pee
You'd understand why we scrub it so desperately.

Right now we're singing to you and we can't believe
You can't tell (oh,oh)
You can't tell we're teenage boys (oh,oh).
We're lookin' for that perfect score.


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