Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Overheard on the Roadtrip

Josh and Matthew: Can you open the windows back here? Mindy stinks.
Brian: Yeah. She needs a bath. (pause) Hey! That would be a great job for you two tomorrow!
Josh: Correction. That would be a good job for Matthew. Josh will be fishing.
Brian and Me: (in unison) (practically) Uh, no. Work comes before play.
Josh: Not for Josh. He'll be fishing.
Me: Tell Josh if he blatantly disregards our instruction, he'll be sorry.
Josh: Josh doesn't care. He'll run away.
Me: Oh! Well then tell Josh he'll have to provide his own housing and clothing and food and... I don't think he'll like that option.
(Parental chuckling from the front seats.)
(Additional parental banter and warnings for "Josh.")
Josh: (over the sound of highway noise and parents) Josh can't hear what you're saying. He isn't even listening.

And so it is with our teenager. *ahem*

But, rest assured, he will be helping with that dog bath! *wink*


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