Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mom to the Rescue!

Saturday night I was in the middle of an intense situation when my phone rang.
OK. I was playing Words with Friends on Facebook when my son called me Saturday night. But I'm kinda competitive. And I was working on a really good move. Probably against "Meatpiesi." And I'm tired of losing to him - so it was an intense situation. *ahem*
Anyway, I saw that it was Josh calling and figured I ought to answer the phone. When I did, I heard a somewhat stressed-out voice on the other end asking me to come to the fishing dock. Seems he'd accidentally hooked a snapping turtle while fishing and he needed help setting it free. And, yes, he wanted me to come right away. Never mind the very important business to which I was already attending. There was a turtle's freedom at stake here. And if you know my son, you know turtles rank above - well - above everything. It is also true Josh could've just cut the line and let the turtle go, but then he would never know if the hook came out. Besides, he would've lost his fishing lure. And fishing equipment ranks right up there with turtles, you know.
So, I did the only rational thing I could do. I jumped up from the table, told Grandma and Matthew I was going out to help Josh rescue a turtle, applied bug spray - and I was off!
I arrived at the dock to find Josh assessing the situation. And he quickly shared with me the game plan. I would hold the fishing pole while Josh climbed through an opening in the railing so he could stand on a board which ran under the dock. Then I would put the pole down and pull up the line to raise the turtle to within Josh's reach. Josh would grab the turtle as I let go of the line and put my arms around his waist, so he could grasp the hook and free the turtle without falling into the lake. Then Josh would release the turtle, grab hold of the railing, and I would release him.
To my delighted surprise, the idea played out just like Josh had prescribed it. Well, except for that one moment when I seriously thought I was going to lose my grip on him and send him swimming with the fish and turtles.
Oh, and before he released the snapper Josh asked me to take a picture. And what kind of blogger mother would refuse that request? *wink*

As I walked back to my van to go home I pondered, I just drove all the way out here to spend all of two minutes unhooking a turtle. Why??? And that smile right there gave me the answer. Even though I couldn't really care less about snapping turtles and fishing lures, to my son they're incredibly important. And if it matters that much to him, I'll always do what I can to help.
Because he's my son.
And I love him.



Deborah Sommerlot said...

Perfect! I feel the same way. I have been to more monster truck shows, camping trips, watching bugs, car races, etc than I would ever do but it makes the guys so happy! Time with them is so short.

Karen Hossink said...

Deborah - I still haven't been able to convince him to join me for a scrapbooking day, or spa treatment. What gives??? ;)