Friday, July 10, 2015

This Week with Grandma

Did you read the post about the book Grandma and I were reading together?
OK. So the post was more about God's power unleashed through prayer than it was about us reading a book together. But I needed an introductory sentence. And that one seemed to work. *ahem*
Besides, that was a really good post (Because of God - not me!) and if you missed it, I'm using this opportunity to send you to it.

Anyway, we both finished the book and enjoyed talking about it with each other. And we're planning to read its sequel. In the meantime, however, one of the books I had asked the library to send for Grandma has arrived - and when I read the description I decided I'd like to read it, too. So I checked out a copy for myself, and now we're reading another book together. And a really neat thing happened as a result yesterday.
We were having lunch and I brought up something I'd been considering as I read our new book. And, oh, if we didn't get into a wonderful conversation about it. The two of us sat at the table for a long while sharing our hearts. And some of the hurts which hide there.
As I sat looking at Grandma - listening to her heart, and wisdom about family and relationships - I thought, I am so stinkin' fortunate. Ninety-eight years of experience is sitting right here. Right here! And she's talking to me. Sharing with me. Understanding me. Who gets to do this???

I thought I was doing something nice for Grandma when I picked up that book for her to read. And when I checked out the second book, I figured it would bring her a little piece of joy. In my mind - it was all for her. And then I discovered the blessing is mine, too.

How have you been blessed by surprise?



patriciaann173 said...

We should ALL be so fortunate.

Karen Hossink said...

Patriciaann - Yes! And I have a feeling if we all looked at the people/circumstances God has brought into our lives, we would discover we ARE all so fortunate. :)

patriciaann173 said...

YES we are, even in the unexpected. ;-)