Wednesday, July 08, 2015

War Room: So Much MORE Than Just a Movie


As I type this post, I have just finished watching a 45-minute online event with the filmmakers of War Room. While they talked a bit bout the movie (And had some very cool things to share. Especially the story about how they "found" Miss Clara.) the bulk of the program was about the heart behind the movie. That is, a call for God's people to humble themselves and return to Him in prayer.

Oh, how we need HIM!

War Room is a fantastic movie. The acting is excellent. The filming is top-notch. The story line is remarkable - and scores a "zero" on the Cheese-Factor. (Which is crucial in my book!) But I could say the same things about a number of movies I have liked. And none of those other movies have captured my heart the way War Room has.
Because War Room is so much MORE than just a movie. I knew it was when I saw a pre-release screening in May, but listening to the filmmakers just now - and the heart behind the movie - has me bubbling up with excitement all over again. Seriously, friends, I feel like I'm going to burst.
The troubles in our world are too numerous to count. The condition of our nation, the state of our collective (im)morality, the outlook for our future if we maintain this path... It leaves me feeling so hopeless and overwhelmed.
But did you know each great movement in the Church was preceded by a great movement of prayer?
And I think we'e on the verge of another one.
We must join together, humble ourselves, repent, and seek the face of GOD in prayer. We must!

So I am begging you to join me in this movement. Because that's what I think War Room is - a movement. Tell your friends. Ask your pastor and church leaders to check it out. (There is another 45-minute online event on Thursday, July 16 at 1pm CST. I'd be happy to forward the email with link in it to whoever needs it. Or, I bet you could contact Lifeway and ask for it.)

Above all, please pray.
I have so much faith that God is in the middle of this movement and wants it to explode.
Please pray with me that HIS people will respond in faith and obedience.

And now, for a little taste of the movie. One of the funny scenes. :) Karen


kevin said...

Love Miss Clara!

Karen Hossink said...

Kevin - So do I!
She is a very bright spot in the movie. :)