Thursday, August 27, 2015


Some time ago a friend of mine suggested I should consider hosting a women's retreat.

To be honest, my first reaction was to think she was crazy. Although I liked the idea - because I love being together with women and leading them toward God - I just couldn't imagine putting together my "own" retreat. It seemed like too much for me.
Nonetheless, I thought about her proposition from time to time. And several weeks ago I mentioned on Facebook that I was praying about the idea.
Hadn't thought about it for awhile, then Tuesday happened.
Seemingly out of the blue, another friend asked me how the retreat was coming. I'm sure the look on my face said something like, Wha? Retreat? Huh?, because she followed up quickly by saying she'd seen something about it on Facebook. So I told her it was just an idea for now. And she said it sounded like something to which she might like to bring the ladies in her Bible study group.
As we were parting I told her, "If God says, Go, I'll do it!"

And can I tell you? I have almost NOT stopped thinking about it since then. (Well, except for when I have been flooded with thoughts and prayers about War Room, and all I pray God will do through a movement of prayer among His people.) I am seeking His heart, wanting to know if God would have me put this retreat together. I've been dreaming about how I would format the time, getting excited about what I pray God would do and how He would speak.
And because I am so desperate for God's hand to lead me in everything I do, I am asking you to join me. Would you pray for me, too? Would you ask God to speak to my heart - to enter my dreaming - and show me if this retreat is where HE wants me to go?

Because I don't want to do anything without HIM!


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