Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Lessons in Showering

Friday I got a bit of a late start putting my first load of laundry in the washing machine, and just as I was closing the lid Matthew came charging into the laundry room with a groan. "Ooohhh! I wanted to take my shower before you started the wash." Seems he was getting a late start on his day, too. *ahem*
Now, he thought, it would be another half hour before he could get in the shower without having all the hot water used up by the washing machine.
"Now," I thought, "is a good time to let him in on a little secret."
So I explained to my shower-needing-son that the washing machine only uses hot water while it's filling up. That, in fact, in just a minute or two it would be finished filling and he could take a shower without losing his beloved hot water.
However, knowing my son the way I do - and understanding the workings of a wash cycle - I felt it necessary to give Matthew further instruction. I explained to him that the washing machine wouldn't be using any more hot water, but when it was finished with the wash cycle it would go into the rinse cycle - at which time it would use cold water. And if Matthew was still in the shower at that time he would get blasted with hot water. Which can be almost as unpleasant as an unexpected blast of cold water.

The following is a nearly word-for-word transcript of the conversation which ensued.

Me: Right away when you get into the shower, wash your hair and your body. That way, when you're standing there like this *insert image of me looking up to the ceiling in a mock-daze* and the water gets suddenly hot, you can turn it off and get out.
Matthew: Uh, OK.
Me: Better yet, when you get into the shower wash your hair and body right away, then turn off the water and get out. *insert image of me looking like I've just come up with the most brilliant idea of the century*
Matthew: Uh, that's no fun.

Yeah, because wasting standing under running water for ten minutes is like having a party.
*insert eye roll*



Joanna Teigen said...

Is that a boy thing?! The guys in my house treat each shower like a trip to the spa. I even find coffee cups left in there. The girls just get it done and get on out. So funny!

Karen Hossink said...

Joanna - Coffee cups? Really???
I'll admit, I can get lost for a minute or two under a nice warm stream of water. But duty, or a sense of obligation to not waste more water, always calls me back to reality.
You might be on to something with the "It's a boy thing" idea. Cuz the guys in my house seem to be regular over-indulgers-of-long-hot-showers, too. *ahem*