Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Annnnnd, She's Gone Again

Three weeks.

That's how much time we got to have with our girl before she went away again.

Yeah. Sunday, Brian drove Elizabeth back to Wheaton.
Cuz it's time for her to start a new school year.
And she doesn't have plans to come home again until Christmas break.
And if she gets accepted for a project for which she's applying (Which I'm sure she will. Because she's such an amazing young woman. And I am not biased in the least. *ahem*) she says we probably ought not come out for Family Weekend in November - because she'll be busy with preparatory activities for the project all weekend. So we really wouldn't get to see her, anyway.
And I'm going to miss her sweet presence around here.

But this is good and right and the way it's supposed to be.
My baby girl - growing into a beautiful woman.
Following the path set before her by God.
Who loves her even more than I do.

Ahhhhh. So thankful I can trust HIM to watch over her every minute of every day - with love and wisdom and power and grace.


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