Friday, August 26, 2016


I poked my head into the Breezeway where my co-worker was playing Bingo with some residents last weekend - to say good-bye as I was heading home. (My co-worker, that is, who I hardly ever see because he works on a very part-time basis on the weekends.) And he said, "I hear you're leaving!?"
The look on my face must have told him that piece of information wasn't yet public knowledge, because he quickly covered it up recovered by saying something like, "You're leaving to go home?"

But when I came in on Monday, I discovered the clever cover-up hadn't actually covered up everything.
Because when I knocked on one dear woman's door to invite her to an activity - she asked me about the "leaving comment."
And what could I do?
I wasn't about to lie to her.
Nor did I want her to feel as though she was being abandoned.
Thus, I told her gently that while I am going to be leaving my regular employment at GLC, I will still be coming back for special occasions. "So, you'll still be here sometimes?" she asked. "Yes," I said, "I'll still be around. Just not as much."
And that answer seemed to satisfy her.

The decision to resign from GLC is the thing I've been wrestling with this summer. It's been the subject of many prayers and much seeking. And the focus of a lot of waiting.
But in the end, God has led my heart to follow Him through another door. I am going to be focusing my time and energy on my speaking ministry. My heart is very excited about it.
And the beautiful thing is, my team at GLC is welcoming me to continue working with them on an as-needed basis. That is - when big events are happening, or when circumstances call for it, I am going to be able to come in and do my "Life Enrichment Assistant" thing. I am going to be able to pursue the path God is paving for me, without completely walking away from the dear folks at GLC.

I am so thankful for the way God has worked out these details for me. What a joy it is to experience His hand as I have sought Him, and to be filled with such peace as I walk with Him.
Yeah, I think I'm receiving a little TLC of my own. *smile*

***My last "official" day at GLC will be next Friday.***


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