Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Pin Pal


You've never heard of a pin pal before???

Well, neither have I, to be honest.
And I am not really sure what a typical pin pal would do.
To be honest-er.
But my pin pal and I? We write letters to each other.

At the beginning of the school year last September, my sister-in-law told me that her daughter's class had an assignment to find "a dependable adult to be their snail mail pen pal" during the school year. And she wondered if I would be willing to fill that role. Which I was happy to do! (In part, because I thought it was really cool to be referred to as a "dependable adult." *ahem*)
Only, the entire time we've been writing my niece has been referring to me as her pin pal.
And I think it's entirely too cute to correct.
Thus, I am - and have - a pin pal.

And may I tell you? It has been one of the most delightful experiences I've had as an "aunt."
An experience, that is, which we decided to continue beyond the end of last school year. Because it's fun to write letters - and to receive them. Ya know?
Our correspondence has helped me better know my niece. I laugh when I read her letters because she has a charming sense of humor. I enjoy hearing about the world from my niece's perspective, and chuckle to myself at the things she notices. And I love having a window into her young heart.
More than that, I love having an avenue which allows me to speak into her life. I want to speak, er, write words of faith, encouragement, and hope. I want my letters to be a source of inspiration for that sweet girl. Since we live in different cities and don't see each other often, I see our letter-writing as an opportunity to build into my niece and grow our relationship. And I am praying God will use it as such. Besides, I am aware that letter-writing is a dying art, and I am eager to help keep it alive.

So, my take-away challenge for you today:
Are you a "dependable adult" with a kiddo somewhere in your life?
How about training them up in the fine art of letter-writing, and building into their life in the process?


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