Friday, August 12, 2016


Several weeks ago I shared a story here about playing Uno with a few friends - two of whom I labeled "All There" and "Hanging on by a Thread." Remember them?
If you don't have time to go back and read that post, I'll remind you: In addition to having most of her mental faculties intact, All There also has a tendency toward impatience and being easily agitated. So, for today's post, let's call her: Easily Agitated.

And now, if you will, imagine playing a round of Euchre with Easily Agitated, Wouldn't Hurt a Fly, and Mr. Nice.

I thought I was being smart - and ending problems before they began - by partnering myself up with Easily Agitated. I mean, I can handle her scowls and jabs when I make stupid plays. Would rather they come my way than be sent to Wouldn't Hurt a Fly.
So we set on to playing cards, and I had the false sense of security that we could play together nicely.
Oh, Karen. When will you learn????
Before we got too far into the first round, Easily Agitated became agitated with Wouldn't Hurt a Fly for playing an incorrect card by mistake. And when Easily thought Wouldn't had repeated the same mistake a few minutes later? She actually picked up the card and threw it back at Wouldn't. Uh, Easily humbled herself quite quickly when she realized her own mistake. And, thankfully, Wouldn't seemed oblivious to Easily's antics.
Of course, through the entire game with all of its drama, Mr. Nice was being just that.
He's such a nice guy!
I think it was his kind demeanor which helped me to not get upset with Easily. I was reminded of a conversation I'd had with another staff member about Easily. She had commented that Easily was probably a really sweet lady in days gone by. Before dementia started setting in and changing her personality. Thus, I kept telling myself the behavior I was seeing probably wasn't coming from her true self. And by the grace of God I was able to extend kindness to her - even when she seemed not to have any for anyone else.
And so I learned another method of covering a person with TLC.
You've gotta give them the benefit of the doubt.

Is there someone in your world who needs you to assume the best of them, even though they may be showing the worst?


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