Friday, July 01, 2016


I was playing Uno with five ladies last night after dinner.

I know - that may sound like an easy enough task. But when you have a group of ladies whose memories/capabilities range from "all there" to "slipping" to "hanging on by a thread"?
Well, let's just say it gets complicated.
Especially when "all there" gets easily agitated because "hanging on by a thread" needs things repeated
(a lot!) and she sometimes forgets to call out, "Uno!" when she only has one card left.

So, we're playing along, laughing and enjoying ourselves - when "all there" starts making under the radar jabs at "hanging on." Her eyes are rolling, she's mumbling under her breath, and giving me she-doesn't-know-how-to-play-this-game looks.
Honestly, I wasn't sure "hanging on" even noticed the jabs, but I surely didn't want her feelings to get hurt. So I mouthed to "all there," It's OK. And I hoped she would drop the subject.
I mean, I understood she wanted to play the game. And her personality is such that she doesn't like to wait. So, "hanging on" was testing her patience. But I dearly wanted "all there" to get over herself and just enjoy being with friends. I wanted her to realize the slowness of the game wasn't what mattered. Rather, the relationships around the table were worth every minute.
Then it occurred to me - the truth I had just discovered is true everywhere. Not just in the Community Room when we're playing cards.
And I realized TLC can be shown all over the place by simply coming alongside someone who is having a hard time, and gently guiding them toward their next move. Do you have a green card, or a seven? No? OK. Then pick a card from this pile. Is it green, or a seven? No? Then put it in your hand, and it will be the next person's turn. *smile*
No need for scowling, or putting them down, or making some other sort of jab.
Just smile, and keep playing.

Is there a "hanging on by a thread" in your life?
May you always remember that sometimes TLC is spelled G-R-A-C-E.


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