Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My Proposal

Monday night Brian and I were at one of our rental houses painting bedrooms.
In the sweltering heat.
For our "date night" activity.
Yeah. We're quite the romantics.
Ahhh, but sometimes necessity trumps romance. And the painting needed to get done.
(By the way, if you know any girls looking for a house to rent in Lansing, please send them to me. I would sure love to have girls move in this time. Cuz guys? Oh, how they can trash a house. Just sayin'.)

Anyway, back to Monday night.
Brian and I were diligently painting trim (and wiping up occasional drips) when he asked me a thought provoking question. In light of all the political rhetoric flying around these days, he said, "Karen, what would you do to make America great again?"
First, I laughed because I thought he was joking.
Then I paused, because I had no idea what policies would make this nation whole.
And, finally, I had an answer.
I said, "Well, I have a proposal. But I'm pretty sure it would be met with resistance. No, more than that. A lot of people would have nothing to do with it."
In my heart, the answer to the problems we're facing as a nation - no, as an entire world - is submitting to God. If we would only - - surrender to His Lordship, follow Him, obey His Word, love like He loves, and trust His heart - oh, what a beautiful world we would have in which to live.

Can you imagine it?

It would be heaven on earth, I'm telling you.

Yet, the sad reality is - there are many people who would have nothing to do with it. Because their hearts are hard and their eyes are blind, and they do not understand that God is good.
So with this vision fresh in my mind, I am praying for those people. I am begging God for mercy and asking Him to draw this world to Himself.

Because HE is our only hope.


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