Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How to Get a Kid Off His Play Station

It's simple, really.

Just give him a gun!

OK. Wondering how many readers have flipped out and are ready to send me hate mail.
But, honestly, that's what just happened in my home.
My mom and dad are getting ready to move, and are giving away all the things they don't want to take with them to Florida. Which includes a few guns my dad has had since who knows when. Which included a Remington something-or-other - like the ones that were standard-issue in World War II.
Full disclosure: I am not a fan of guns, but Matthew is intrigued by them. Talks about them all the time. And, while I didn't really see the value of this "gift," he was thrilled.
And can I tell you? I don't think Matthew has been on his Play Station since we've gotten home with those guns. Granted he's been at work some of the time (Did I mention he's working at Arby's now? Yep. My baby has a job!) but usually if he's home for more than 20 minutes, he's sitting in front of the TV - ridding the (virtual)world of zombies and other bad things.
Ahhhh, but not the past few days. Nope. His every spare moment has been spent researching the guns, learning about when and how they were used, and even some studying about how they're made.
In his braver moments he has started taking them apart. And I - though I am not terribly interested in the ins and outs of a gun - absolutely love seeing his young mind so engaged. He's all about discovering the mechanics of the gun - figuring out how it works, why this lever goes this way and that one does that, etc.
Matthew is like a sponge, eager to soak up information and knowledge about his new finds.
And I am delighted to see it.
Because I get tired of the constant battle we have over screen time.
Soooooo, fellow moms, if you're looking for a way to have your kiddos participate in mind-expanding discoveries - rather than mind-numbing games - might I suggest you let them get into something which really interests them? Even if it means you have to stretch your comfort zone?

And, to put any restless hearts at ease - know that everything is secure.
Matthew has been through gun safety training.
We don't even have ammunition for the guns in the house.
No need to worry.

Edited to add: *insert eye roll* Not even five hours after I finished writing this post, Matthew was playing on the Play Station. But we had a good conversation about how great it's been for him to be involved in using his mind to learn the past few days. And, he did ask me to leave the tabs open on my computer which he is using to research the guns. So I am confident he'll be back at it soon. *wink*


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