Thursday, July 14, 2016

You're Gonna Miss These Days

Oh, how many times I rolled my eyes when an "older woman" said things like that to me in years gone by.
Because at the time I was so tired of the endless questions, and the constant need to pick up after little hands made big messes.
My lap wanted a few minutes to just be mine - not somebody's chair.
And I really thought I would be content to never hear a small voice beckoning, MOOOOOOMMMMMY! ever, ever again.
I was ready to change my title. (To something, ANYthing, besides "Mom".)
Several times.
Yep. Those were some rough days. And I believed anyone who thought I'd miss them someday - was crazy.

OK. So, fast-forward to a few days ago - and a phone conversation I had with my daughter. Yeah. The one who's in South Dakota for the summer - studying and having a great experience. The same one who graced us with her presence for a short month before going to SD, after she'd spent a semester in Mexico - studying and having a great experience. Of course, I am talking about the very daughter who has spent the majority of the past two years away at school and a summer job - making me feel very lucky to see her face in person on rare occasions.
Yeah. That's my girl!
So we're talking on the phone the other day, and I'm all excited because she's coming home in a few weeks. And we'll get to spend a few weeks with her before she's off to school again. And then she informs me that, Oh, by the way, she won't be coming home much next semester. Because she's probably going to her roommate's home in Colorado for Thanksgiving. And she and her roomie have decided to stay on campus to just hang out and have fun during Fall Break. BUT, she will be home for Christmas.
I shook my head and thought, Gee. I guess this is what it means to miss those days. Because my girl is almost all grown up. And she's out in the world learning stuff and experiencing great things. She has a beautiful heart and love for the Lord, and she is spreading His love everywhere she goes.
She's pretty much smarter than I am.
She cleans up after herself.
My lap really isn't adequate to serve as a sitting place for her anymore.
And I absolutely LOVE IT that she still calls me, "Mommy".

Ah, yes. This is as it should be.
My girl growing up, living the life God has called her to live.
But I sure do miss her!



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