Friday, July 29, 2016


Did you know yesterday was National Chocolate Day?

Yeah. I didn't either. Until I read about it in the announcements at work.
And it just so "happened" that one of the day's activities was a cooking demonstration of Chocolate No-Bake Cookies.
Coincidence? I think, NOT!

So, as soon as dinner was over I got busy with a few of my favorite friends and I showed them how to prepare those tasty treats. (Most of these women had never made No-Bakes before. It was fun to see how amazed they were that you can NOT BAKE cookies. *smile*)
As you can imagine, the chocolate-y aroma filling the kitchen made our mouths water. And when we sampled the cookies (Still warm. Yummmmm!) everyone was delighted.
But the most delightful part was when I witnessed one particular lady ticking off a mental list of everyone in the building with whom she wanted to share the extra cookies. Oh, she kept me busy running from room to room as I hand-delivered each cookie at her command.
Oh, if you could only have seen the way their faces lit up as I told them we'd just made cookies and wanted to share. Many of them resembled excited kids on Christmas morning who've just been given a great big gift to open. It was beautiful!
And all because one dear woman made sure we shared.

Is there someone in your life upon whom you want to shower some TLC? Why not try sharing a chocolate cookie???

P. S. We're getting Elizabeth back Sunday! And we're whisking her away to take a short family vacation next week. Sooooo, I'll not be posting here until (probably) August 8.
Until then, may the peace of Christ rest upon you, and may His grace sustain you.


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