Friday, July 15, 2016


Oh, what's a girl to do with someone who drives her a little batty?

Especially if the one who does the driving is rather irrational at times. (By no fault of her own, that is. Rather, because her mind isn't what it once was.)

What if the driver is down-right hostile on occasion?

Ah, yes. Such is the scenario I had to handle at GLC this week.
There was an argument in the kitchen when my back was turned, and when I approached the table to discuss the problem - one of the involved parties fled the scene. I was very aware of what had happened, and I knew it really wasn't a big deal. So I approached the flee-er and asked if everything was OK.
She bemoaned the behavior of "the driver," noting that this wasn't the first time such a demeanor had been displayed. And she went on to say she knew the reason "the driver" was so unkind. She said, "Because I am a Christian!" And she shared an anecdote to prove her point.
At which point I looked at my angry friend and I said, "Then you know what we need to do, don't you? We need to love her!"
My friend shared another anecdote, and I responded with, "See? We need to love her. We need to keep on loving her!"
And as I pleaded with my eyes, my friend agreed to the plan. Thus, we went back to the table to continue with our project.

Annnnd, who knows if tomorrow she'll remember our plan?
Ahhh, no worries. Sometimes I think these lessons-learned are more for me than the parties involved in the struggle.
How about you? Is there a "driver" in your life to whom you can apply this TLC?


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