Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Doctor's Orders

Imagine, going to the doctor and having him give you a GOOD prescription!

I mean, I'm not talking about anything as wonderful as a script for a cruise - paid for by your insurance. I've long thought something like that would cure all my ills. And would certainly be a worthy investment on their part. But, to no avail.

Anyway, my doctor's recent orders weren't that good.
But they were good!
The thing is, I have mild scoliosis and am seeing a doctor to try to "straighten up".
At my first visit he found that I have one leg shorter than the other - which is the cause of the whole problem. He instructed me to get some lifts to wear in my right shoe, and gave me some stretches to do. Which I have been doing.
At my second visit I was happy to hear his report that it looks like we're heading in the right direction. But the best part was when he added to my list of daily exercises.
He pointed out a spot on my back where the apex of the curve is located. And he told me to fold a wash cloth/small towel, place it under my side relative to that spot, and lay down on it.
Just lay down.
No stretching, tensing, turning, or anything else.
Just lay still.
Had me start off once a day for five minutes, and told me to "work my way up" to 15. (As if he knew how hard it is for a mom to sit still in one place for that long! *wink*)

And that was the first time I have really been super excited about Doctor's Orders.

Because my doc told me to lay down and do nothing else for 15 minutes.
Yes, sir!


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