Friday, January 20, 2017

Please, Take the Time NOW

Last week I told you about my regret in assuming I would have time to visit with a dear friend. Well, the same day I took our appointment for granted, I also speculated that I'd have time to visit with another dear lady when I went back to Edgewood in February to do church. She wanted to tell me about something that day but I was on my way out the door - and she "didn't want to keep me." I hugged her and said, "Next month I'll come early so we'll have time to talk, OK?"
Well, next month when I go back to lead the church service, I will have attended this dear woman's memorial service the day before.
She passed away this week.
And it's crazy. Because she seemed perfectly fine when I saw her earlier this month.
But, again, I am reminded - We don't own tomorrow.

Oh, I know. We all have things to do. Busy schedules pulling us this way and that. But I cannot imagine I didn't have 10 minutes to spare to listen to a story that Sunday. (Which likely would have turned into 15, or 20, or 25 minutes. But, so what???)
I am realizing that relationships are so much more important than calendars. Life is uncertain. And the only moment we truly have is the one we're in right NOW. While some things can't be put off, most of them can wait. So let us resolve to take 10 minutes to listen. (Or 15, or 20...)
I believe it will be time well spent.


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