Tuesday, January 31, 2017

When Wheels are like Wings

Well, poo.

I have this great picture of Matthew posing by his new (to him!) car, and for some reason my "server" is rejecting it every time I try to load it into this post. Not very good service if you ask me! *ahem*
I mean, I'm sure it isn't operator error.

Anyway, Matthew looks cute nice too stinkin' grown up next to his new car.
Or maybe that's just the way my mother-eyes see it.

That is, in many ways I still see him like this:
My little guy who follows his big brother around, drinking from the sprinkler, doing whatever he does.

But, alas, Matthew has ventured out on his own. Negotiated the financing with Dad, searched for the car he wanted, tested it out, talked it over, and made the decision.
He drove us to dinner Saturday night, drove himself to Meijer Sunday afternoon (To get air fresheners - because the previous owner smoked. And a snow brush. Gotta have a snow brush!), made his own way to school Monday morning, and went off to work Monday afternoon without needing to ask if he could use my van. He seems to be very much enjoying this new level of independence.

And it's moments like this - when a mom watches her youngest child driving off into the sunset (OK. There's no sunset right now. It's cloudy and gray and looks rather dreary outside. But that just isn't poetic!) that she realizes, sometimes wheels act an awful lot like wings...
Well, how about that? I decided to try once more. I prayed, Please God???
And the picture loaded. *grin*


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