Friday, January 06, 2017

Soooooo BIG!

Have you ever played Soooooo big with a baby?
You know, when you take their hands in yours and say, "How big is 'Baby'?" Then you lift their arms up over their head and sing, "Sooooooo big!" And then you both explode in giggles.
I love that game!

Well, this week - between I'm Asking, my new verse, my daughter's friend, my church's Facebook prayer group, my Life Together group, my Precept group, and a praying friend who faithfully sends me requests - I have sort of felt like I'm playing Soooooo big with God.
That is, Wednesday evening as I was praying with a heart full of burdens I found myself asking, How big is God? How can He possibly keep track of all these needs? How is it that He doesn't forget, never overlooks, and always knows what to do? How big is HE??? Then with a smile in my heart, and all the faith HE has placed in me I proclaimed, God is soooooo BIG!!!
Do you know that Truth, my friend?
Can you fathom in your mind how incredibly BIG our God is?
Honestly, His BIG-ness is too much for me to grasp.
I do not understand how He sees and knows and does all things.
I can't explain how God can tend to the details in my life and yours, while simultaneously holding the rest of the universe together in perfect balance.
But I believe it. Because I have seen Him move and I have experienced His touch. God always does what is right - right on time.

So it is with confidence in His BIG-ness and His ability to do all things that I ask. That I lay these many, many needs before Him - and trust Him to act.
Because God is soooooo BIG!!!


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