Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ya Think?

Have you ever had (what you thought was) a really good idea?

A plan so inspired, you assumed it must have come directly from heaven?

But when you tried to put it into motion - even prayed that God would work out the details -

Well, aren't you special.
Let me tell you what it's like. *wink*

A few weeks ago I started a new Bible study with my Precepts class, and as soon as we were underway I was super excited about it. I mean, I can't help myself. I love the Word of God, and every time I start studying it inductively and God starts speaking to my heart and His Spirit starts changing me, well I just get hyped and I want EVERYONE to study it with me! Anyway, as we were getting into Philippians I immediately thought of someone with whom I would like to go through the book one-on-one. Oh, to see this young woman learn about having joy in Jesus in all circumstances!
Yes, I thought, this will be wonderful!
My initial invitation to do the study was met with, well, uh, joy. But in subsequent days the enthusiasm and intention to follow through seem to have been lost. (And not from my side of the equation.)
I have attempted following up with the idea of doing the study together, but when my communication is left without response I tend to interpret the message to be, "I'm not interested anymore." And I don't want to push this young woman away, so I let it go for now.
Then, two of my Precepts friends asked me about the situation and as I was filling them in I also told them about recent thoughts which have come to my realization. That is, as we have gotten deeper into the study we have uncovered beautiful Truth - but it is hard stuff, and I am not sure this young woman is at a place in her life where she would be able to receive it as beautiful. God has encouraged me greatly through the gems He has shown. But I am not certain my young friend's heart is in the same place as mine. I fear the difficult lessons which I find to be wonderful would somehow cause her to want to distance herself from Him.
In short, I think she might not be ready for this brand of meat yet.
And as I was talking with my friends about these thoughts it occurred to me, Gee. Maybe God knows her heart. Perhaps He knows she isn't ready for this study just yet. It might be this really good idea was mine, not HIS. I suppose HE could be the One stalling my plans. Maybe, just maybe, God is perfectly in control of the details after all!

Ya think???


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