Monday, July 23, 2018

The Forecast for July 23-29

Annnd, this week looks like an interesting mix of above average pressure in the mornings, standard afternoon activity accompanied by spurts of the morning's unfinished business, with a significant chance of unexpected showers of blessing and storms of the unknown. Nightfall will come sooner that normal, in light of unsually early mornings. Friday afternoon a sudden break in the pattern is predicted and all should be extremely calm until Sunday afternoon.
After that, it's anybody's guess!!!

That is, it's VBS week at church and I am going to be in the midst of a bunch of 1st and 2nd grade boys and girls every morning - showing them and telling them about the love of Jesus.
And I am sooooooo looking forward to it.
However, VBS means stuff I normally do in the morning will be pushed to the afternoon, and the typical "unknowns" will make for a tighter schedule, not to mention - this girl is going to need to go to bed early!
And then, 45 minutes after VBS ends Friday I am leaving to spend the weekend with 10 other women on a silent retreat. As in, no talking from dinner Friday until after lunch Sunday. It's just time to be silent before the Lord to hear whatever HE wants to say.
Ahhhhh, I am going to be so ready!

All that to say, blogging is not going to be a top priority for me in the next seven days. In fact, I am choosing to make it a non-priority so I can focus on the kids at VBS, and the Lord at the retreat.
Maybe I'll have a video devotion posted next Monday.
More likely, I'll have something up on Tuesday.

I covet your prayers for both VBS and the retreat.


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